The 7-Second “Tropical Rice Secret” That Transformed My Life….

How I Went From 209 To A

Jaw-Dropping 136!

My name is Janet, and I’m 62 years old. I used to plan events in Savannah, Georgia. How I got to be in better shape NOW than ever before is a story that will surprise you.

After years of planning and running big events, I was suddenly too tired to even plan a small get-together with friends.

The worst of all… I didn’t like being in my own loose skin at all… I did not want anyone to see me.

Not even my closest family and friends who love me the most.

Now that I was retired, I didn’t enjoy my free time because I felt so ashamed of myself.

There was no “kitchen fix” that worked for me, not even Atkins, veganism, or intermittent fasting.

I joined a number of exercise groups, ranging from Zumba classes to water dancing groups. Even though I was moving, I still didn’t have any energy.

Then Everything Changed at last years Summer Fair…

I didn’t find my answer at a rehab centre or a health resort. It was at a summer fair in my neighbourhood right here in Savannah.

I was interested in a booth that was designed with bright colours and tropical themes. There, a natural health practitioner told me what she thought.

She saw that I wasn’t sure and said, “Janet, what you don’t need is another hard-to-follow exercise plan or an unpleasant “health drink.” There is a trick to tropical rice in this 7-second exercise.

“Just 7 seconds?” I thought.

But I was interested in her confidence and how easy the process seemed.

The “Rice hack” that was used in this secret has been used for hundreds of years by people in some humid areas… scientists of today have finally caught up!

  • The next morning, I tried it. At first, the changes were small, but soon, they were impossible to ignore.

  • I put on my favourite party dress again after putting it away for years.

  • I had a lot of energy and was planning get-togethers. I felt like the life of the party again.

  • I fell in love with food again, and I didn’t have to pay for it later!

    The most interesting part? I was back to being the lively, friendly Janet that my family and friends missed so much.

But Would This “New Me” Last?

What a great six months! I’m happy to say that the change is here to stay.

The “7-Second Tropical Secret” has changed everything about me: my body, my mood, and even the way I see life.

After making fun of me at first, my husband now does this with me every day. We’ll just say that he looks even better than before… and both of us have been acting like wild teens again!

Also, here’s more:

Having Decades More Youth: It looks like the time has gone backwards. I’m excited about life again!

Satisfaction with Meals: No more wants all the time. After meals, I’m happy and full.

Treats Being Enjoyed Not guilty: Yes, I can enjoy sweets without feeling bad about it afterwards!

Better health: Every time I go in for a checkup, my doctor is amazed.

Sound Sleep: I now get deep, peaceful sleep at night and feel refreshed every morning.
It sounds like a dream, but this is my new life.

I’ve heard that this “Tropical Secret” isn’t widely known. Perhaps this is because the “health and wellness” business has been trying to hide it.

(After all, THIS is so powerful that we don’t need ANY of their other junk!)

Don’t wait until you’re ready for a real change.

Find out how this easy, daily habit can make your body feel better and turn back the clock!

To a life full of happiness
~ Janet

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